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Four years there and 2 westpacs later i decided to get out. Creating those books is an old tradition in the us navy. At, would like to correspond with old shipmates from the ray. Uss warren apa 53 wwii cruise book cdrom january 1, 2009 by great naval images llc author see all formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Unfortunately, a cruise book was not published for the 1960 cruise. Uss king cruise books a ships cruise book was published for most of the uss kings deployments. Disturbing questions about the bush administration and 911 this is an important, extraordinarily wellreasoned and provocative book that should be widely read. Built by the ingalls shipbuilding division of litton industries at pascagoula, mississippi, the ship was named for lieutenant commander arthur j. During the intervening two years we have also determined that many other taylor sailors have passed away in previous years. About the destroyers name, about hospital corpsman second class david r.

Ray, he was born on 14 february 1945 in mcminnville tennessee. This website is operated by two former crew members jason and darrell winchell. Second ship was uss john hancock dd981 october 1987 november 1991 made one mef cruise and a north atlantic cruise, served as senior enlisted engineering programs manager. Ray dd971 was the ninth spruanceclass destroyer and the fifth ship of that class to join the pacific fleet. At, sps40, 55 tech, shot 12 the pictures for the cruise book.

Ray was built by the ingalls shipbuilding division of litton industries at pascagoula. This group is for the alumni of the uss david r ray dd971. Photograph was received by the dod still media records center on 29 january 1985. Each page has been placed on a cd for years of enjoyable computer viewing. If anyone would like to contribute their copy for digitization scanning, please contact the association historian. The ship made a shakedown cruise along the east coast of the united states shortly after being. Uss constellation cv 64 westpac cruise book 199495 did you serve aboard uss constellation cv 64. Mars men mars men are the spirit and the very essence of the mission. If you would like us to do a name lookup for this yearbook, please contact us before placing the order. Back to last page back to cruise book page back to uss david r. This is a very important book, david ray griffins carefully researched and. Some people call them military covers or military hats. Check out our uss constellation cv 64 crew list and reconnect with old shipmates. Uss david ray dd971 19791980 westpac cruise book ebay.

I read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies on the navy, especially during wwii, that only fanned the flames. They include the volumes in the navy department librarys collection, the nations largest cruise book collection. Westpac safari uss kearsarge cvs33 project mercury far. Jan 01, 2008 bring the cruise book to life with this multimedia presentation. Kind of a sad moment for those of us who served on it. Several commands only order copies for about 23 of the crew as a rule of thumb. Ray was born in mcminnville, tennessee, on 14 february 1945. The uss lake erie blog seems to confirm that david r ray was sunk by missiles and gunfire. Ray, hospital corpsman second class, united states navy for. We ask that you enter only enough information about yourself. This uss david r ray dd971 ship cap is an emblematic, poly, dark under the visor cap. Registration and communicating with shipmates at hullnumber.

Ray, and it was towed away friday to be a target in the mammoth rim of the pacific 08 exercise near hawaii. Ray 19451968, american navy sailor and medal of honor recipient. Navy photograph, from the collections of the naval history and heritage command. Nov 10, 20 my first ship was uss david r ray dd971 august 1979july 1984 made three westpac cruises. After a med cruise, i reenlisted and went to san diego and was assigned the uss david r. Dd971 jerry schuchman ms1 jan 90 feb 94 schuchdog at dd971 tim schuetz en3 19831984 ftn at wi looking for some old. Ray dd971 naval cover 2001 hall mermaid cachet fpo ap 96677it was sent 14 mar 2001. If you purchase a video and are satisfied with it i would appreciate your leaving your comments at the bottom of the video page. He graduated from mcminnville high school in 1963 and attended the university of tennessee until march 1966, when he enlisted in the navy. This section contains the names of sailors who served aboard uss. Reunion information, photo galleries, former crew contact information, a crew forum and news for the guided missile destroyer uss richard e, byrd ddg23. David ray dd 971 naval cruise book, class of 1992, page 9 of 104 has the largest online yearbook collection of college, university, high school, middle school, junior high school, military, naval cruise books and yearbooks. Ray dd971, was a spruanceclass destroyer named for unsited states navy hospital corpsman second class david robert ray who was killed in action in 1969 while assigned to a marine corps artillery unit during the vietnam war and posthumously awarded the medal of honor the david r. The large land mass in the western hemisphere consisting of northern and southern continents originally connected by an isthmus, but now separated by the panama canal.

Qualified engineering officer of the watch eoow as a first class petty officer. Cruise books are yearbookstyle books put together by volunteers on board ship to commemorate a deployment. Us navy cruise books the largest online collection of. Each has an adjustable strap, and is available as a 5 panel high profile or 6 panel low profile cap. In memoriam 2018 reunion the following individuals have passed away since our 2016 reunion in nashville, tn. If you would like to confirm that this yearbook is not missing any pages or containing damage. The enclosed setting of life aboard a ship allows an author to portray a social world in miniature, with characters cut off from the outside world and forced to interact in cramped and stressful conditions. Please look at the scan and make your own judgement.

Us navy cruise books are unofficial publications published by a ships crew to document a cruise or deployment. Advance praise for david ray griffins the new pearl harbor. Ray departed norfolk in late february 1973 to conduct a mediterranean sea cruise which lasted until midsummer, at which time she returned to norfolk and normal atlantic operations. He graduated from city high school in mcminnville in 1963. Commissioned on 19 november 1977, she served until being decommissioned on 28 feb 2002. Ray was the ninth spruance class destroyer and the fifth. The number of copies of a cruise book is very limited.

Ray is now berthed at the naval inactive ships maintenance facility, bremerton, washington. The ray performed atlantic operations until august 1975 when it was transferred to subron4 in charleston sc, where it underwent an extensive 18month overhaul and. Plankowner looking to connect with other plankownersi commissioned the ray went to her decomm in everett,wa. Bring the cruise book to life with this multimedia presentation. Trained as a hospital corpsman, ray served on board the hospital ship uss haven ah12, at the long beach naval hospital, and at camp pendleton.

Uss elliot dd967 was a spruanceclass destroyer in the united states navy. This cover is in very good, but not perfect condition. Although discovered by christopher columbus, america is named for amerigo vespucci who first recognized it as a new continent. A sea story is a work of fiction or nonfiction set largely at sea. The uss somers, from 1959 to 1982 participated in 11 cruises. Elliot ii, usn 19331968, who as commanding officer of patrol boat river squadron 57, was killed in action in the republic of vietnam on 29 december 1968. Here, among other duties such as lse for our helo and rig captain for underway replenishments, i also ran the boats.

The book give you sense and feel of what life was like and how uss enterprise and crew operated her over past 5 decades. Uss oriskany cvcva34 nicknamed mighty o, and occasionally referred to as the oboat was one of the few essexclass aircraft carriers completed after world war ii for the united states navy. Navy cruise books for various years and ships from 1919 to 2009. The ship was named for the battle of oriskany during the revolutionary war the history of oriskany differs considerably from that of her sister ships. You would be purchasing an exact copy of the uss new york cruise book during world war ii. My first sight of a ship was as a very young boy fishing near mayport, florida. Frank stack good above the waves and under the waves. The ship had been in puget sound naval shipyards naval inactive ship maintenance facility since being decommissioned on feb. The cd comes in a plastic sleeve with a custom label. Ray dd971, was a spruanceclass destroyer named for united states navy hospital corpsman second class david robert ray who was killed in action in 1969 while assigned to a marine corps artillery unit during the vietnam war and posthumously awarded the medal of honor. Ray dd971, was a spruanceclass destroyer named for united states navy hospital corpsman second class david robert ray who was. Great book on great ship dr mckays book is a big book and it needed to be since it covers over 50 years of uss enterprise cvn 65 history with very detail text and great photos.

Uss shenandoah served her country for years and 19 days, until decommissioned on 3 sep 1996. David urdiales it would be interesting if they could have a video of the sinking. Tin can sailors shipmate registry the national association. World cruise 1964 operation sea orbit westpac cruise 1965 66 westpac cruise 1966 67 westpac cruise 1968 westpac cruise 1969 westpac cruise 1971 72 westpac cruise 1972 73 westpac cruise 1974 75 westpac cruise 1976 77 westpac cruise 1978 westpac cruise 1982 83 westpac cruise 1984 85 world cruise 1986 westpac cruise 1988 world. Westpac 1982 uss niagara falls afs3 cruise book cruisebook. The uss shenandoah ad44, a yellowstoneclass destroyer tender, was commissioned on 15 aug 1983. Trained as a hospital corpsman, ray served on board the hospital ship uss haven ah12, at the long beach naval hospital, and at camp pendleton, california, prior to beginning duty in. Uss enterprise cvn 65, formerly cvan65, is a decommissioned united states navy aircraft carrier. The term america is often used loosely to designate the united states of america. Like her predecessor of world war ii fame, she is nicknamed big e.

Uss david r ray navy ship challenge coin mint dd 971. This ship was one of 26 light cruisers completed shortly after the start of the war. David ray american football born 1944, american footballer david ray editor david ray director born 1968, canadian screenwriter and film director david ray singer, american. Uss david r ray dd 971 commissioning program on cd 1977 plank. Uss david r ray dd 971 cruise book westpac 1979 1980. Their tales and my own interest in the sea as a boy got me started. Built at national steel and shipbuilding company in san diego, california, shenandoah transited the panama canal after commissioning and then spent her. Uss okinawa lph3 cruise book westpac cruise 1976 1977 with usmc blt 14 24 34 embarked with identified division and blt photos 9 x 11 hardbound in good condition, wear on the back cover thank you for looking the photos show the actual item being sold. Notable service during wwii include the doolittle raid, the battle of midway, the guadalcanal campaign, battle of the santa cruz islands, the battle of the philippine sea, the battle of leyte gulf, and the okinawa campaign, where she was badly damaged by a kamikaze strike. Although it wouldve been nice to tow her to the site of the spiegel grove to form a duplex. Uss miami cl89 19431962 the uss miami, a 10,000ton cleveland class light cruiser built in philadelphia, pennsylvania, was commissioned in late december 1943.

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