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Generally used in applications with intermediate to long support. Explore the full itray aluminum ladder cable tray line. Channel tray channel tray is a fabricated structure constructed with a onepiece ventilated or solidbottom channel section, not exceeding 6 in width. Type 316 stainless steel fasteners are standard on stainless steel systems, but are available as an option on all aluminum and steel systems. Power distribution cables sensitive control wiring telecommunication wiring optical cables cable tray materials. The main function of the cable tray is to protect the wires and cables within. Relative to rigid galvanized steel conduit, 34 inch 21 metric size. Cable trays wibe cable trays schneider electric global. Wibe cable ladders wibe cable ladder by schneider electric fully complements our range of cable support systems and offers the fastest installation system.

General cable has over 100 years of experience in the development of tray cables, leading the industry in highquality, innovative and commodity constructions. For use with indoor, outdoor, or vertical flat covers. Download now for a product quick selection guide and overview of the offering. Best practice guide to cable ladder and cable tray systems. Cable trunking and ducting systems are hereinafter called ctds. Cable trays are used as an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems, and are commonly used for cable management in commercial and industrial construction. Today, we have well over 300 employees and a turnover in excess of eur 75 million. When correctly installed wibe cable trays products work as. Wibe cable trays central suspensions type dimensions abc mm weight kg100 pcs ean code ref. Vertical tee a cable tray fitting which is suitable for joining cable trays in three different directions at 90 intervals in different planes.

Joint to be used for rigid joining of cable ladders, bends, junctions and risers. In the electrical wiring of buildings, a cable tray system is used to support insulated electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication. Measurement of the cable under test measure light power at the remote end of the cable under test p l in dbm 3. Ul classified cable trays including painted tray may act as equipment grounding conductors. Wibe cable trays robust and aesthetically smooth cable trays for the routing and protection of power, data and control cables. Traditionalists point to cable trays open construction as a drawback, citing the superior cable protection provided by closed raceway structures. The extensions fit into the side guides facilitating adjustment of the tray up to 6 inches on each end. Dangers of overloading cable trays safety management inc. This system is a continuous, rigid, welded steel wire mesh cable management system for access or raised floor applications. The cable a trays indeed ignite once and later than the three ignitions highlighted for the cable c trays. Both metal and plastic conduit can be bent at the job site to allow a neat installation without excessive numbers of manufactured fittings. Single rail cable trays are the most flexible and economical, and are generally used for lowvoltage wiring.

This is useful when adding new cables or replacing the old cables on the tray. Typically used by all industries as a low cost way to connect equipment to main cable tray systems ventilated or solid bottom designs. Its the latest addition, designed to streamline the engineering, purchasing and installation of cable tray. Cable trays also provide additional protection from physical damage. The 600 v tray cable allows placement in the same cable tray as power cables, making additional cable trays for lowpower or communication cables unnecessary and therefore reduces installation time, as well as material, labor, and engineering costs. Cables can instantly be added to existing trays at a later stage cable tray system a cable tray system is an assembly of metallic cable tray sections and accessories, that forms a rigid structural system to support cables. Today cable trays have become a necessary part of industrial and commercial construction by offering quick, economical and flexible solutions to these problems. Different applications and preferences have given rise to a variety of cable tray types and configurations, from solidbottom trays, to ventilated troughs, and wire mesh designs. Measure the light power after the reference cable p s in dbm 2. If made of conductive material, the cable tray is one of the permitted types of equipment grounding conductors. Wibe cable support systems cable trays is becoming wibe. Wibe reserve the right to make changes to manufacture and design without prior notice. This is particularly advantageous when following irregular or curved building profiles. This standard does not apply to conduits, cable trays or cable ladders, electrical accessories e.

Wibe cable trays documents and downloads schneider. A cable tray is a system to put insulated cables and other wiring communication, network etc. Universal has developed a simple sevenstep process to guide you in the process. Cable tray systems, including trays, supports, fittings and other materials, are generally much less expensive than conduit wiring systems. Cable tray 2 high javascript seems to be disabled in your browser. Aug, 2011 cable trays are made of either steel, aluminium or fibber reinforced plastic frp and are available in six basic types, ladder type cable tray. Best practice guide to cable ladder and cable tray. Side joint to be used for straight joining of installation tray w4. Wibe cable trays documents and downloads schneider electric. Cable trays can be made out of galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic. Reducer straight, right hand, left hand a cable tray fitting which is suitable for joining cable trays of different widths in the same plane. Usually manufacturers use stainless steel for its manufacturing but as per the situation and conditions, different materials are also used. Available in both steel and aluminum, monotray redefines laborsaving with its versatile layin feature.

Inumber of multiconductor cables rated 2000 volts or less in the cable tray 1 40 or larger cables the ladder cable tray. For cable tray installersthis publication is intended as a practical guide for the proper installation of cable tray systems. Cable tray selection process cable trays manufacturers. It is not recommended that the cable tray be cut as it will interfere with the grounding characteristics and ul classification. Cable tray article about cable tray by the free dictionary. Use ul classified splicing methods to ensure cable tray is electrically continuous and bonded as recommended by monosystems. Wibe cable trays offer a robust and smooth solution for the routing and protection of cables in light and medium installations where a high standard on aesthetics or concealment of cables is required. Cable tray systems design shall comply with nec article 392, nema ve 1, and nema fg 1 and follow safe work practices as described in nfpa 70e. Cable tray system for cabling at electrified and nonelectrified railway lines.

It is commonly used for small runs of cable and for drops from the main cable tray run to equipment or junction boxes. Depending on the manufacturer fitting to fitting couplers are used for joining together cable ladder fittings bends, tees, risers etc. Cable trays are an effective way to keep wires in place and allow air flow in raised floor systems. Classic perforated cable trays are used for instrumentation, control as well as power cables. Wibe cable laddersproduct catalogue 20 pdf catalogs. They are especially useful in situations where changes to a.

Side joint to be used for straight joining of cable tray w140 and w340. Cable tray, wireway, tray cable, metallic surface raceways. Shear sometimes, the sheet plate is cut before rollforming. The following guidelines are based on the 2002 national electrical code, article 392. Cope trof provides the ultimate in cable support for your small diameter. The ladderperforated type cable tray shall be made out of min. Cable trays are capable of supporting all types of wiring. Wibe cable ladders heavy duty cable ladder system for the routing of power, data and control cables.

These trays also keep wires organized, and make it easier for maintenance personal to locate and maintain wiring and related components. When the tray is cut after rollforming, the shear is equipped with tooling in order to cut the different widths. Growth is both outside and inside scandinavia, where we are already market leaders in our two main product areas. Combifitting to be used when mounting mesh trays onto cable ladders. Narrowing system sometimes, a narrowing system is required at the outlet, in order to connect easily the cable trays parts one into the other. Cadmiumplated steel fasteners are standard for all splice plate connectors on aluminum and steel cable tray systems. A cable tray consisting of one piece, ventilated or solid bottom channel section, designed for use with a single power cable or multiple control or single circuit cables. Many translated example sentences containing cable tray frenchenglish dictionary and search engine for french translations.

Spine cable tray and fiberready fittings, available only from legrandcablofil. Cable tray simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These cable trays are made up of various kinds of materials but metar as cable tray manufacturers in uae use stainless steel, galvanized steel, glassfiber reinforced plastic and sometimes even aluminum. Conforms to swedish standard elama 98 for heavy cable ladder. S rdv 50 width b 502 mminch m s rdv 75 752,9 267 77 f rdv 50 f 502 263400 59 62 to be used for. Cable tray wiring systems are the preferred wiring system when they are evaluated against equivalent conduit wiring systems in terms of safety, dependability, space and cost. Made in sweden is synonymous not just with stateoftheart quality and just in. Number of multiconductor cables rated 2000 volts or less. Safe passage low height makes the system easy to climb. Support bracket for mini cable trays weight per 100 7,8 kg 210152 ean code model no. Slotted rungs provide excellent cable tie down capability. When you specify general cables frep and vntc, not only are you assured of product excellence, but you also have access to the.

F klwc 16 f fk 6x10 e3, gsm 406 e3 570508 5 5 341641 e3 klwc 16 e3 fk 6x10 e3, gsm 406 e3 65 for attaching barrier strips onto the transversal reinforcing fin of the long span cable trays or into the rungs. Learn more about the newest addition to the cablofil cable tray products. It is smartly designed to work with vertical and horizontal supports using your raised floor understructure which independently support the tray sections. Cable trays cable tray w140 pregalv 156 cable tray w160 pregalv 209 cable tray w340 hdg 158 cable tray w340 pregalv 158. Cable trays are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles including ladder, ventilated trough, ventilated channel, solid bottom and similar structures and materials, metallic or nonmetallic. Cable trays cable tray w140 pregalv 156 cable tray w160 pregalv 209 cable tray w340 hdg 158 cable tray w340 pregalv 158 cable tray w360 pregalv 211 fixing tray n 246 installation tray w4 199 lighting trunking w70 160 lighting trunking w71 162 cantilever arms adjustable cantilever arm w1840 168 w1860 216 cantilever arm 50 232. Monotray is a unique centerhung cable tray system, which provides organization and support for virtually any cable or wiring installation. Made of seawater resistant aluminum and galvanized high strength steel maintenancefree, theftproof and easy to install a good alternative to concrete and plastic trays. For allowable cable types see the appendix page a9.

Perforated cable trays provides excellent ventilation, it enhances life of cables and it can be fixed to any structure, we are wellknown manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of outstanding variety of perforated cable trays in bangalore, india. Introduction i cospec eaton bline series cable tray systems cospec, the specifier center, is designed to help you easily select, view and download bline series product design content in any one of nearly one hundred nonproprietary and proprietary cad, bim, pdms. Individual rungs will support without collapse a 200 lb. Cable tray selection process selection process technical information a number of basic decisions must be made before a cable tray system can be specified. Used for joining of the side sections of all wire trays.

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